Why train your staff?


If you are an entrepreneur or have experience working in the human resources part of a company, you know that you will receive many job requests from different profiles. Some will remain at the position you’re looking for as a glove, while others will be better to thank them. In addition, there are those who seem to have a profile on their CV but when you meet them in an interview you realize that they have a 100% different profile.


Whatever the cases you have encountered, it is important to realize that each person has a completely different talent than another, so all personnel need special training. That’s right, no one is born knowing or comes perfectly trained for a position. So investing in personnel training is important and necessary.


Why give training?

If you want to improve the productivity of your employees, as well as the knowledge of them about the objectives, the purpose and the DNA of your business, training is a step that you can not miss. Remember that a business is a team working to achieve the same purpose, and that everyone must collaborate with their different talents within the same page.


“The training is that information, basic learning that is given to the staff of a company to complement the knowledge and training that has led and thus be able to perform their work or work within it,” says Jaime A. Grados for  Gestiopolis . Remember that, in addition to the professional training that each collaborator has received, the culture of your company is unique, and should be inculcated first in the collaborators so that later it is reflected in your clients and the leads you want to generate. But, what is the best way to give solid training about a position and your business? We tell you!

How to put together a good training program?

  • Do you already have your RH team established?

First step: build a team of human resources, who will not only be the first trained in the culture of your company but also can help you in making a diagnosis about what is needed in your business to start training.

How to make a diagnosis?

To begin with, it is necessary to define what short-term and long-term objectives are those that are to be achieved. Depending on these objectives, you can realize what is expected of each collaborator that is part of your team and those who are about to enter it. This will help you to classify the necessary profile and methods on how to reach that profile.


  • Sort out

With the help of the goals to achieve, you have to classify your employees by areas and small groups within the areas. Looking at each classification, it is necessary to define what courses, training and goals should be inculcated in each group and collaborator.


  • You can design your own course!

Take into account that within your company you must have different providers that can support you to design the courses and save a little budget for the training. Our best advice is to opt for this option.


  • Set metrics for results

It is important that you keep an eye on the results of your chosen collaborators for each training session. To know if a training was successful, you should measure it in your work results. For example, if you hire or prepare a course to train your marketing team in a better communication strategy, the results are measured by studying the new campaigns that come out.


  • How often are you going to evaluate your collaborators?

Mind you, training should not be a once-in-a-lifetime thing. For greater success, it is advisable that you are training your staff at least every six months. Do not forget that everyone should always keep in mind the culture and roots of your business and product, and there will always be new things to learn to achieve new opportunities within the company and improve productivity. Do not doubt that training is an important requirement for the preparation of each member of your team.

  • Motivate your collaborators!

This step is super important. As a leader, you must challenge the members of your team in a healthy and positive way to obtain excellent results. For that, it is necessary to create an atmosphere of trust in which each one of your collaborators has a space to solve doubts, feel attended and acquire knowledge. Also take into account that it is important to invest in coexistence activities so that members of your team know each other and stay together and thus complement their different profiles.



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