Voice aids are more useful in cars than in mobile phones


The rise of voice assistants is a reality but it seems that their most appropriate use is not smartphones . This has been demonstrated by the latest adoption report by the Voicebot consumer, which Business Insider has echoed. 

American consumers often use voice aids more times in the car than in a smartphone, moreover, among the users of this technology 68% do so monthly in the car, compared to 61% doing so on their phone smart.

Consumers who use voice aids in their cars can do so in several ways: they can use their own built-in assistant in the car, connect a smartphone voice assistant to the car via Bluetooth or use third-party assistants, such as Siri, through the operating system of a connected car, such as Apple CarPlay.

The majority (55%) of US consumers who use voice aids consider the opportunity to talk hands-free as one of the main reasons for their use. The ease of consumers to perform tasks without removing their hands from the steering wheel makes the car an ideal environment for the use of this technology.

Apple (CarPlay) and Google (Android Auto) are the ones that benefit most from this technology in the car, but Amazon is determined to win the battle in the future. Apple and Google have an advantage in the connected car because their voice aids are natively integrated through CarPlay and Android Auto. However, Amazon took a big step towards space in September with  Alexa Auto, which is a device that takes Alexa to the car via a Bluetooth connection or physically with a cable.


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