Users who buy through mobile will spend € 40 more than the rest at Christmas


Facebook has conducted a survey in Europe called  “Facebook Global Holiday E-Commerce Study” *  aimed to better understand how we buy at Christmas and provide valuable information on the decisions of users to purchase and how they use mobile devices in stores .

Unlike other European countries where Christmas shopping is ahead, in Spain only 5% of consumers start their Christmas shopping during the month of October or earlier, and 39% do so in November. The  47%  of respondents in Spain says that makes Christmas shopping in December (compared with 42% on average in Europe), and 52% say that concentrates between 1 and 20 December. 

As the holiday period progresses, the concerns of Spanish buyers change :

  • 74% are concerned about avoiding queues
  • 73% pay attention to the time it takes to get the product and avoid agglomerations:
  • 62% think about finding the perfect gift for each person
  • 52% want to make sure they get the corresponding discounts and compare prices of the same product
  • 41% are worried about buying in stores / websites / apps that are familiar as well as being informed about gifts

In addition to the date, the sales channel also becomes important when making Christmas purchases. Spaniards prefer to go to physical stores to do their shopping, with 45% of respondents saying so, while 41% prefer to go to digital media and 14% opt for other options .


The mobile as an ally in purchases

The mobile has become a great companion when it comes to buying and according to survey data this device influences the budget allocated to Christmas shopping. People surveyed with mobile shopping habits in five European countries say they intend to spend € 40 more during the holidays than other buyers. The use of the mobile phone extends while we buy, so that 52% of Spaniards say they use their smartphone while shopping in the store.

The mobile has also become a strategic ally that allows you to buy intelligently during Christmas. The  39% of Spanish respondents who shop at Christmas say they can better inform their purchasing decisions during this time thanks to his mobile phone

Spanish buyers also claim that they use their smartphone in stores to compare prices and products as well as to look for discounts. Other uses that we make of the mobile while we buy in stores:

  • 64% use it to compare prices
  • 59% to take photos
  • 44% to compare products
  • 38% to read product reviews
  • 32% to review the shopping list

Online purchases and the use of Facebook and Instagram

Studies show that mobile phones offer more convenience when it comes to making Christmas purchases, so 28% of respondents admit that they make Christmas purchases through mobile for the convenience of not having to travel while the 41% prefer to place orders online and pick them up at the store. 
On the other hand, the role of social platforms also affects Christmas shopping. Data from the study reveal that Facebook and Instagram influence Christmas shopping. 55% say that Facebook influences their Christmas purchases a lot or a lot and 39% say that Instagram influences their Christmas purchases a lot or a lot.


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