Relationship marketing: the secret of why a customer loyalizes with a brand


Choosing each time is more difficult. Whatever you have to choose, today’s world offers so many possibilities that the process can sometimes be unbearable. Brands know this and, therefore, should always be alert about which strategies work best for the consumer to decide for their product or service instead of the competition.

In this context, the concept of relational marketing acquires relevance, due to its high degree of effectiveness,  that is, the set of techniques and strategies that manage to create profitable and stable relationships with a client over time.

In a great majority of occasions, this path begins by attracting the client to a point of sale. But how to do it? Which channel offers the most guarantees as a source of information prior to purchase? According to the AECOC Shopperview 2018 report,  physical brochures are the best means to motivate a purchase  for both the buyer who moves to the store physically and for the one who uses the online store. 

Moreover, according to this study, those who make the Internet purchase use brochures more than those who move to the establishment (34% versus 27%) and also use the coupons of the loyalty cards more frequently (23% versus at 14%). These conclusions are corroborated by the  ‘I Direct Advertising Study in Spain’ conducted by  Geobuzón , which showed that the mail is the advertising medium that Spaniards consider most useful for receiving information.

In fact, 7 out of 10 respondents said they used the brochures to plan and decide their purchases, at 84% they seemed to contain relevant information and the most valued were those related to food, technology and decoration. What does this mean? Well, nothing more or nothing less, that  the mailings help (and a lot) to attract the customer to the physical point of sale and, in the case of online purchases, is one of the strategies that most encourages and motivates the final conversion of the client .

This  drive to store  is even more effective when you entrust the mailing to a company capable of analyzing the profile of the buyer of a brand and directly impacts it with an effective distribution campaign, which is essential to improve a customer’s shopping experience. , therefore, loyalty. ” Once the client is brought to the establishment, off or online, the relationship with the client must continue. Who is not able to offer something more and take advantage of that moment to build a new way of communicating with him, will have lost a unique opportunity , “warns the global head of Geobuzón,  Juan Castañón .

This is also pointed out by the latest  ‘Loyalty Monitor’  carried out by the DYM Institute for Galanta, whose main conclusions are that  only 12% of consumers are loyal to a single brand  while 86% change depending on the circumstances. How not to give value, consequently, to the moment in which the purchase is made and to try to build loyalty?

Know the customer, the key to success

For  Ignacio PI, global head of Mediapost,  “in order not to fail at the last moment, it is essential not to make mistakes in decision-making “. For this, it is committed to  business intelligence , that is, ” to analyze the customer well and contrast its behavior at the point of sale with data of a quantitative nature that provide us with a much more accurate reflection of each buyer “.

Only in this way can brands  personalize their communication to their client  and become that close, empathetic and understanding firm that every consumer wants. And it is that putting the customer at the center of all the activity of a brand, definitely, is a guarantee of success or, what is the same, of final satisfaction.

” Marketing has to stop being invasive, impersonal and on a large scale. We bet on a marketing that we call relational, which is one in which we use all the technical and technological advances to make the client not feel like a number more, but as a person with whom we engage in a conversation in all phases of the purchasing process: from when you start to plan it until you finish it and consider if you would repeat that experience, “explains Ignacio Pi.

One advantage of this  relationship marketing  is that you can attract and retain customers throughout their entire  customer  journey , a process that can be used from data intelligence and geomarketing to pre and post sales service , going through the management and development of promotions at the point of sale.


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