How to save money in the holiday season?


The best time of the year is coming and with it we expect the holidays, the gifts, and yes, several purchases that are not essential. We can not deny that many of us long for this time to receive our Christmas bonus, although sometimes we have little taste.

Did you know that most people spend it on those dates to prepare parties and expend expenses, instead of saving it? If you are one of them, let me tell you that this year may be different, it’s just a matter of knowing how to manage it.

First of all, make a budget: celebrations, Christmas dinner, holidays and gifts, among others.  

Christmas dinner


The long-awaited day to enjoy a delicious dinner and live with family and friends. Surely by now you have in mind what to do on that day.

a) If you plan to take a trip, I hope you have already planned it well in advance for the high season. If this is not the case, then do not let more time go by and start looking for some offers and packages . Choose a city nearby to escape that weekend, this way you will not get out of your budget.

b) Dining outside the home is also an option, but beware, if you leave as a group it is convenient to define beforehand how the account will be divided. The ideal is for each member or family to pay what they consume and thus avoid unnecessary expenses as well as misunderstandings.

c) The Christmas dinner will be at your house. For you, choosing the menu, preparing the food and dining surrounded by a homely atmosphere is the best plan for that special day. Propose that each of your guests bring a dish, drink or dessert, so everyone will save.

Buy now some of the ingredients, I suggest you do not leave everything at the last minute, super markets and traditional markets tend to raise their prices as the date approaches.



Inevitably, the gifts are part of the Christmas celebration, even so, there are alternatives to save.

a) Make your list of people to whom you will give, often buy more.  

b) In the exchanges agree a quantity as limit.

c) At the time of purchase, take advantage of offers, discounts, months without interest, etc. Compare prices and do not buy impulsively.

d) Avoid spending on very sophisticated and expensive wrappings, since the vast majority discarded them. One option is to get internet ideas to make them, in this way you save and contribute to the environment.



If you will be the host, you will surely want to show off with the guests, and it is no wonder.

a) The decoration is a fundamental part to create a Christmas atmosphere. Do not buy ornaments, you can reuse those of last year: spheres, lights, ribbons, dolls, etc. You can also design them, so they will give a different touch.

b) As for the Christmas tree, the ideal is to put an artificial one because it will last you several years. Not only do you save, but you also contribute to the environment.

In the Christmas season there are different options to save, it is just a matter of doing good planning and having willpower. Try it this year, surely you will see it reflected in your finances.


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