How to save in the company with the functionalities of virtual switchboard


Today we live in an increasingly computerized world. That is why it is important to take care of the customer. A client who receives close and personal attention by a telemarketer will create a strong and lasting link with the company. But years ago this service was quite expensive and not all companies could afford it. The switchboards required a significant investment, worked through cable connections that linked the extensions and had some limitations.

The good thing is that this era of computerization has brought us the so-called VoIP virtual switchboard , which works through the Internet with WebRTC technology designed by Google and that not only eliminates the need for traditional switchboard installation but also gives you the opportunity to receive calls on any device, smartphone or tablet.

In addition, the central as well as the   fonvirtual offers a wide range of functionalities that will give your company points of efficiency and allow you to save. Next we are going to mention some of the functionalities and the benefits that these can bring to your company.

First of all we highlight the basic advantages of having a virtual switchboard. These are the minimum investment , because to use the WebRTC technology does not even need to invest in devices because you can call over the Internet using a microphone with headphones that are also much more comfortable. The low maintenance , in addition to having very cheap monthly installments, you will not have any type of permanence. Better call rates, you can choose the rate you want depending on your needs and in addition to having 500 minutes of outgoing calls you can contract bonuses to extend minutes and all this thanks to VoIP technology at an amazing price.

But today we come to talk about its features:

1. Unlimited detours

There are times when receiving calls is charged a price, in the case of the virtual switchboard of fonvirtual, all rates have unlimited reception of calls for free either from landline or mobile. The savings that this functionality will imply will be greater depending on the number of calls you are accustomed to receive.

2. Locutions

Being able to configure personalized welcome locutions, schedule information or whatever you want will improve the professional image of your company and will be a free marketing tool.

3. Options menu

It will allow you to distribute calls according to the needs of your clients, which will indicate them through your keyboard. Each client will be diverted to the line that can best solve their problem being as efficient as possible.

4. Schedules

You can create a call schedule, so that you do not get calls outside the time slot you want. In addition, if calls occur after hours, they can receive an announcement explaining what the schedule is and offering them the possibility of leaving a voicemail. This will allow you to make sure you do not miss any calls.

5. Call statistics

With a username and password that you will receive, you will be able to access a web address from which you can consult all the statistics of calls you want and export them to excel to keep track of your switchboard. This will allow you an exhaustive control of your calls and the best thing is that it will not involve any additional cost.

6. Header number

In fonvirtual you have the option of propagating the fixed number header when you call from any of the extensions, we can show the person we always call the same number which is quite interesting because the customer will not have more than one number to call you.


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