How To Pay For My Master’s Degree Abroad?


If you graduated and you are acquiring work experience, you probably want to take your next step: mastery. Although many stay in their country of origin, deciding abroad is a great experience both professionally and personally. If this is what you have always wanted, you do not have to stay without doing it. However, you should not forget a very important aspect: where are you going to get the money?

Do not worry. Since we want you to reach all your goals, we give you some tips that are really steps to help you reach that goal:

1. Establish a budget

Keep in mind that you have to keep and pay your tuition, surely you will also want to go out, visit and travel a little more. Not only that, but you must rent a place to live, pay for your transportation and get the books you will need for mastery. Find places to live that are central or at least are close to the institution you want to go to. Make up your mind: do you plan to live alone? With a roomie? Maybe two? Preferably, do not look for a department once you are in the place, better look in advance and make sure you are clear about rent, electricity, water, etc. We invite you to check the Finerio app  to do your calculations. It also checks if the school has student residences, whether they are part of the institution or are very close to it.

2. Apply for a scholarship to the government

Have you already heard about Banxico’s calls for funding and postgraduate scholarships? Do not think twice and give yourself the opportunity to try it: meet  FIDERH , an organization administered by the Bank of Mexico that is responsible for financing Mexican students in their postgraduate studies. We also recommend you to search the  CONACYT  as it has a special program for students who want a master’s degree abroad. Moreover, within its program is included support for student support, in addition to the payment of tuition and health insurance. Do not stay without researching about the scholarship programs in the institution you want to go to study.

3. Save and invest your money

An efficient way to grow your money? The  investment . We advise you to start investing for your master’s degree at least two years in advance (before doing your paperwork). It is true that with investment there is a risk of losing money. That is why we recommend low risk investment instruments such as kubo.financiero, where you can create a diversified portfolio to pulverize the risk of your investment, which will help you not to lose all your capital.


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