Hootsuite celebrates 10 years with more than 17M users in 14 countries


When Hootsuite was released in November 2008, Facebook had 100 million users with its four years of life (currently it has 2.27 billion) and the newborn Twitter, 6 million (336 million today). At that time there was no Instagram (more than a billion users today), which would not be launched until two years later, or Snapchat (more than 300 million users today), which would not appear until three years later.

Ryan Holmes, Founder and CEO of Hootsuite, together with his partners in the digital advertising agency Invoke, saw the potential of social networks by observing how many of his clients were looking for how to optimize the management of their different accounts on social networks. Ten years later, Hootsuite celebrates a decade of innovation and success with its customers as leaders in social network management.

” We started Hootsuite as a way to help ourselves ,  said Holmes, founder of Hootsuite and CEO. “At that time we had the social networks of many brands, and it was a constant struggle to organize access to the different accounts. We thought there had to be some better way to do it, and when we discovered that it did not exist, we created it, “he adds.

Seven employees of Invoke put aside their daily work at the agency and linked up with the project, which would finally be launched in November 2008 as a free platform based on the cloud so that users could manage all their accounts on social networks from a single desk. The platform went viral in a short period of time: in 2009, Hootsuite reached mobile telephony with the launch of its first iPhone app and in 2010, the company reached one million users.

” When we started, we could never foresee that social networks would become the most powerful communication and marketing tool in the world,” adds Holmes. “We could not anticipate the great reception Hootsuite received. We only moved the belief in what we were doing and the purpose of continuing to innovate, both to solve the different challenges that were arising, and to respond to the needs of our customers, “says the executive.

To date, 3 billion people use a social network on a regular basis. In this context, Hootsuite offers solutions to all types of audiences, from the enthusiastic individual user of social networks to large corporate clients. Over the years, Hootsuite has earned the trust of more than 17 million users, and is present in 80% of Fortune 1000 companies. The company currently employs 1,000 employees operating in 14 offices around of the world to serve a growing customer base globally.

Hootsuite offers its clients up to 250 integrations and applications, including alliances with Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google and Pinterest , which is the largest ecosystem in the world in the environment of social network management platforms.

The company recently held a series of events under the title “The Future of Social” to discuss the trends of social networks for the next 10 years in New York, San Francisco, London, Mexico City, Sydney and Toronto. During these meetings, it was discussed how the experience will be directed by the client as well as the role of artificial intelligence in the personalization of the contents. Likewise, advertising will be conditioned by the value and the consent of the users, in an environment in which the data will be intelligent when combining the knowledge about emotional intelligence and the intellectual coefficient in organizations.

” The last decade has been exceptional, ” concludes Holmes. “We have grown thanks to our customers and their own successes, and we are eager to reinvent together the future of the social in the next decade,” he concludes.


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