E-commerce in Hungary: discover its main features


Embedded in the eastern part of Central Europe is Hungary, which along with Poland, forms one of the most stable and developed online markets linked to Eastern Europe. In addition, it is part of the European Union, so it becomes a possible testing ground for your e-commerce to enter the Slavic world. At present 81% of the Hungarian population accesses the Internet and 3.8 million of them buy through it (39%) . Likewise, the e-commerce market sees a positive progression, with an estimated growth of 9.5% until 2020. On the other hand, the preferences of the country’s consumers do not diverge too much from other Western European scenarios: 31% buy in other European e-commerce (the European average is at 32%) and their most requested products are the consumer electronics (34%) and multimedia products (11%). Regarding the delivery of their online purchases, they prefer to take their first home address, and their next preference is the collection points, of which DHL Parce l has more than 61,000 in Europe (the largest network in the continent). 

Finally, and as the main curious note of the market, the Hungarians still prefer the cash payment over any other method (52% of them). Something that can condition the landing of your e-commerce in the country.



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