My Review On The Mighty BarkBox

In August of 2015 I was frantically looking for a birthday gift for my wife. Her birthday wasn’t until September, but I always like to get thing out of the way and plan ahead just like any great husband would! After all you need to make sure you get the best gifts for all the most important occasions? Birthdays, anniversaries, and Valentines day are the events I definitely don’t want to miss if I want to have a peaceful year.

The December of the year before we got our very first fur baby, and at the time of her birthday she loved that little guy more than she loved me. Actually, I still think she loves the dog more then she loves me at times and I expect that probably won’t change? I mean, who doesn’t love their dog more than anything in the world? I’m hoping it’s just not me.

While trying to find that perfect birthday gift I came across BarkBox. A monthly subscription box. I never heard of it before, and I definitely never signed up for a monthly subscription that came in the mail. So I decided to give it a go even though I was kind of iffy about it.

Why? Well Barkbox is an American company and I live in Canada. I was worried about the exchange rate, the delivery time, and charges at customs. Plus I didn’t have a referral code

I signed up for a six month plan. It is $25 US per month when you sign up for six months. Depending on how long you sign up, you pay a difference in price.

Here’s the breakdown.

1 month = $29/BarkBox

6 months = $25.00/BarkBox <- I get this one.

12 months = $21.00/BarkBox

Really it’s a pretty good price if you break down what you get in it. Mine comes with three high quality toys (because I get the extra toy at an extra cost), two bags of treats (that are organic and so healthy I’ve debated on trying them), and a hard chew (you know, like a bone or a neck or something).

The box is shipped on the 15 of the month. Of course, living in Canada I have to wait for it to get to me. In most cases I have to wait about five business days or so. Sometimes it takes a little longer. It feels for ever though.

When I know it has shipped, two things happen. The first thing is I stopped reading BarBox emails and looking on social media just encase of spoilers. The second thing is I check my mailbox EVER SINGLE DAY (except weekends). Sure I’m a bit excited to get it, but not as excited as my fur babies.

When they (Yes they, I have two dogs, SURPRISE, but only one at the time I started to get the box for my wife) see a box come in the mail. They go absolutely nuts. If we don’t open it, they sit and stare until we do. If we offer them food, they wont’ eat. If they know where it is, they will stay close by to it. You get the picture. They keep an eye one it and are doing everything they can to send those telepathic doggie waves to you trying to intice you to open it NOW!

When we finally get to crack it open. My wife usually just cuts the tape. Cracks it open enough for a snout to get in, and stands back!

That’s when the chaos starts. That box will be pushed across the floor. Sometimes pushed down a flight of stairs. Picked up and hauled up onto the couch. Sometimes a fight even breaks out. When the box is finally open, they tare the items out one at a time just like a couple of 8 year old kids getting into Christmas morning Christmas gifts. For them, it is Christmas! The only thing is, it comes each month!

I’ve been getting it for a couple of years now, and I have no plans on stopping. It truly is a great gift for your dog.

So now that you get the feeling how great this gift is for you dog. Let me tell you some of the pros and cons about the service.

First off lets start with the pros.

  • It’s a good price – It’s only between $21 – $29 per Barkbox
  • Good quality items – You get 2 – 3 good quality items. I have priced some of them, and they cost any where from $9 – $18.
  • Organic Treats – two bags of treats that are so healthy, even a human can eat them.
  • Dogs Love It – this is an understatement!
  • Great customer supported
  • The company supports animals in need
  • Has a great referral program

Now the Cons

They ship it on the 15th of the month. I get it about 1.5 to 2 weeks later. I explained why, I live in Canada.

Need more bones – I wish they had an extra bone club too so I can get two bones. I have to wait a month to have two bones so fights don’t’ break out over one

Other than that, I can’t really think of any other issues with the subscription. I love it, my wife loves it, and my dogs go absolutely crazy ape over it.

My Conclusion

Would I recommend it? Yes I would. Would I buy one box as a gift and send it to my friends if they just got a new puppy? Yes I would. Do I think you should get I for your dog? Absolutely. You definitely wont’ regret it!

Like I said before, I’ve been getting it for a couple of years now. They got us hooked, and I couldn’t imagine the day when I have to tell my pups that the box isn’t coming this month.

If this all sounds good to you please get use my referral code. If you do, you will get a free box when you sign up, and I will too. With both of us getting a free box, I know you we both will be pretty happy about it!

I mean think about it. It’s a win win win win for all of us. You win, I win, and your fur baby does too!

Please feel free to use my referral code!  You can go to my referral page here!

It’s an absolutely great subscription, it’s high quality, and when you see your dog open it, you will know you made the right choice! You don’t need to sign up, but if you do, you will be a fan just like my family!

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