Newborn Baby Dies After Getting Attacked By The Families Two Pit Bulls

Yes, folks, you guessed it. This is going to be a bit of a rant.

I just read that a newborn baby died in the hospital today from injuries it received from the families pit bulls.

The story said that the baby was left alone on the couch when the families dogs came in from out side. The two dogs see the baby and drag it outside. Alerted by the babies cries the mother runs outside to where the attack is happening. I couldn’t imagine the thoughts that were going on in that woman’s head. And honestly I don’t even know what I would do in that situation.
With that, let me start by saying that I feel very bad for the mother and the family. My condolences go out to the family. It is a tremendously sad and unfortunate accident.

Although it’s unfortunate, it also could have been prevented if more caution was taken.

I’m having a hard time trying to understand a few things. When you bring a baby home for the first time, do you leave it unattended? Would you leave it alone on the couch? Even if you went to the bathroom? I don’t’ know the rules with newborns, but I would bundle that baby up, bring her everywhere, and never leave her out of my site.
Another thing is that the family had two big shar-pei/pit bulls mix. Everyone knows that some people have a hate on for these dogs. After all, the dogs are allegedly known to be aggressive, right? If you were going to bring a baby home, wouldn’t you first think about the dogs first? Maybe say to yourself, “Oh I got two dogs at home that I don’t want around my baby! Maybe I should build a pen for them?”

I know some dog lovers would be saying, pit bulls are not vicious, and that it’s the owners that make them vicious. I agree. The owners do have something to do with it. But with a newborn, I don’t care what type of dog it is! A poodle, a Labrador, a hound dog, or a pit bull, I wouldn’t’ leave it in the same room with the baby. I know for a fact that the mother never meant for this to happen but still the dogs got in!
In this story I don’t blame anybody. I don’t blame the dogs. I don’t blame the mother. Accidents do happen, and sometimes they are just unbearable just like this one.

I do think that the mother should have been more careful but I also think she might of not known how dogs think. Dogs don’t see things like we do. When they came in the house, and see a “Thing” on the couch. It is moving and squawking. Would they think baby? Or would they say…”Oh a Squeaky toy!” or how about “Oh, a small animal! Let’s eat it!” None the less, the baby was something that the dogs thought they wanted. So they took it, the way dogs take things.

All stakeholders in the story are all in a bad place right now. These dogs will have to pay the price. People will see the dogs are hateful, mean, and untrustworthy, and ultimately they will probably be destroyed. I feel bad for them. The mother on the other hand lost an infant.

I know nobody cares about what I think or feel about this. But sadly I do think this could have been prevented if humans would of planned this out a little bit more.



2 thoughts on “Newborn Baby Dies After Getting Attacked By The Families Two Pit Bulls

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  1. Yes, this terrible incident could have been prevented if the mother would have taken the necessary precautions with a baby and 2 dogs regardless of the breed of dogs she owns.


    1. Thank you Marcela. As you can tell I totally agree with you. It’s always cute seeing babies and puppies together. The issue is, the puppy doesn’t see the baby as a baby. Who knows what they are thinking, but as you can see, sometimes it doesn’t turn out good at all!

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