Why Did Somebody Leave This Beautiful Dog In A Hole To Die?

Just a heads up about this post. It could be disturbing to some people because it involves animal cruelty.

I really need to rant again about how hateful people are towards animals. Yet again some dumb human decided to show their power and decided to hurt a helpless animal. Yes, again. Last week I posted about a dog who got shot with a pellet gun 12 times.

This is a story about a boxer dog name Surgar Ray. The poor animal was found wrapped in a blanket, beat up, strangled, and laying in a shallow hole in Saint-Paul-d’Abbotsford Quebec where somebody left it to die.

Somebody who was walking close by heard the dog crying and seen a paw stickig out of the ground. The SPCA was called, and then the dog taken to the hospital where it later died after fighting for its’ life.

So there it is! A simple example of how how mean humans can be.

This news really got me mad. Why would somebody do that to a dog? I mean, come on, if you didn’t want the dog, give it way, sell it, but don’t try and kill it and put it in a hole to die.

Sometimes I really wish that the tables were turned. How about a pack of dogs, beating up that person who did that, and then leaving THEM in a hole to die? What would happen then? We all know that the dogs would be rounded up and then destroyed. Why shouldn’t the person who did this have the same fate? We are all animals after all, aren’t we?


Just a quick up date for the story that I was ranting about yesterday.  It was about a dog who somebody left in such rough shape that the poor animal ended up succumbing to it’s injuries. The post can be found  here.

A man in his 40’s turned himself in for doing the crime.  Even though it is a pretty big move for him to do it, I still hope he gets what he deserves.   The article I read today said that the police intend to charge him with animal cruelty.  In Quebec the charge for animal abuse, neglect and cruelty is up to $250,000.00 and jail time for people who were charged with the offense before.

I hope they nail the guy to the wall and he gets the fine plus jail time.







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