It’s A Dogs World – 10 Reasons Why Dogs Rule and Cats Drool

Some might say that I am a dog lover, and not so much as a cat lover! I never meant to be this way, it just sort of happen! All in good reason too. I use to love cats, but cats forced it on my to like dogs better!

So here is why dogs rule and cats drool:

1. Dogs Freak Out When You Come Home – It doesn’t matter if you leave the house to go to work for house, of if you just go out to the car to get something. When you come back home, it doesn’t matter how long you were gone, you dog has a fit! If they could talk they would be saying, “OH MY! I MISSED YOU SOOO MUCH MY HUMAN! I LOVE YOU!”

2. Cats Don’t Do Tricks – I tried to teach my cat to sit. I tried to teach my cat to speak. I tried to teach my cat to shake a paw. What did I get? The evil cat stink eye! I know, that you know what I mean. The look that says it all…”What are you doing petty human?” On the other hand, my dogs will do all sorts of things! Sit, lay down, stay, get the paper, make me breakfast in bed, and get me a beer and open it with their belly button!”

3. There Is A Grumpy Cat, But Not A Grumpy Dog – This should speak for itself. Dogs always seem to be happy! Well mine are anyways. They follow me around and actually seem like they are happy to be around their human! Cats on the other hand seem to only be happy when you are doing something for them, like petting them, getting them a food, or leaving.

4. Dogs Know How To Play – You can wrestle with your dog and have a good time. You can try the same thing with your cat and you come away as a bloody mess!

5. Cats Poop In The House – Enough said. A dog will go outside to do it’s business. A cat on the other hand will use a litter box. If it feels like it, it will cover it. If it doesn’t it’s not their issue. I shouldn’t say all cats poop in the house, the neighbors cat poops in my flower bed.

6. Dogs Are Filled With Love – Dogs want love. They give love. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you came from, or what you did 10 minutes ago, your dog will love you no matter what and you can’t help but to love them back! With me and my dogs it’s definitely a two way street!

7. Dogs Walk Better On A Leash – It’s easy to walk a dog on a leash. They might pull you around if they are big enough, but if you try to walk a cat, they will have to pull them around!

8. Cats Only Care About One Thing, Themselves – Cats might seem like they like you, but they really don’t. They are greedy. They only come around for two things, attention when it suits them, and if they hear the treat bad. They don’t care if they hear you come home, they will come out to say hi when they are ready, not when you are!

9. Cats Go Where They Want, When They Want – My dogs stay on the floor and off the bed. Cats on the other hand go where they want when they want. For instance, my cat has no manners. He will go on the coffee table, he will jump onto the kitchen table, he will sleep in the dryer if the door is left open, and he will also meow and go outside. I mean, he won’t stop, he wants to go out, and being the greedy beast he is, he does it until he gets his way!

10. Dogs Are Loyal Companions – If a dog has it’s chance it will stick with you thick and thin! You are their best friend, and dog is a mans best friend! A cat on the other hand will just be as happy to see you go, but of course, human, make sure you leave me my food!

So there you have it! 10 reasons why dogs rule, and cat’s drool!

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